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Hi! I'

UX Researcher with 3.5 years of experience researching and developing complex engineering tools.


Adaptive Fashion App

Designing a shopping platform for adaptive wear that connects users with Accessibility needs with designers of adaptive wear.

Apple iMac_CloneDetector_edited_edited_e

Clone Detection Software in SIMULINK

Usability Testing to improve the workflow for detecting model clones in Simulink

Apple iMac 21.5_VM.png

Variant Manager tool in SIMULINK

Researching and Designing a new Support Package in Simulink for handling design variations within models.


Hey there! I am a UX Researcher with a penchant for making sense of chaos. I've played many roles - I majored in Computer Science, then became a Software Engineer, and finally found my true calling as a UX researcher. I'm now a student in Human-Computer - Interaction at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

I love simplifying user workflows for complex technical tools and designing easy-to-use and accessible user interfaces.

Outside of work, I am an avid badminton player and a Carnatic Music aficionado.



Let's talk!
I'm on the lookout for the next exciting opportunity. If you'd like to talk, shoot me an email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or send me a message from right here.
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